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We are pleased to partner with our long time associate Richard Creighton, to bring you a diverse assortment of corporate and team building programs. Richard and his talented team have been designing, customizing and running these programs with us for over 15 years.

Please email paddletorontosales@gmail.com to book or get more information on any of these programs or contact Richard Creighton 416 903 0707.

Our programs can take on many forms: from exciting head-to-head races or single challenges, to leisurely paddles through the Toronto Island Archipelago, to picnic and adventure days – all you need to do is choose!

All our events are highly customizable and we can cater to your group’s specific needs. We work closely with you to ensure that your activities, intensity levels, and objectives are in-line with your vision for the day.

Our pricing is all-inclusive with no surprises or hidden fees and we are proud to offer turn-key programming and events.

Do you need food options, a meeting or picnic location? How about transportation and logistic support? Let us help you with these items too! We can recommend a wide variety of options both on and off the Islands that will best fit your group’s size and requirements.

Team Building Programs

BEST SELLER! Island Scavenger Hunt

Can your team find all the items and perform all the tasks on the list? Hurry, time is running out!

Recommended Group Size: 15 – 500+

Paddle Adventure Day

Come explore the Toronto Islands by the big voyageur canoes, stand up paddleboard, kayak and bike.

Recommended Group Size: 10 – 200+

Voyageur Canoe Adventure Challenge

The team that accomplishes the greatest number of challenges within the 2-hour time limit is crowned the winner. So much great fun for all involved!

Recommended Group Size: 8 – 100

By Water By Land Island Adventure

Travel to the Toronto Islands in big voyageur canoes and explore the 13 islands by bike or foot.

Recommended Group Size: 8 – 100

The Incredible Island Race

One of our most popular events! Teams travel in big voyageur canoes to various locations across the Islands completing tasks in order to gain their next clue.

Recommended Group Size: 16 – 100

GPS Adventure Challenge

As a team, race against the clock to complete the GPS Challenge and accumulate as many points as possible.

This can be done by voyageur canoe or stand up paddleboard.

General Information

All of our programs begin at the Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre but can be customized to start or end on the Islands themselves. What makes this location so ideal is that many companies need to factor an entire day for their events, due to travel logistics. By being right on the Toronto waterfront, many of our past clientele have only needed to allocate a half day for their events.

Duration Length

These are all customized events. Activities can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Intensity Level

As with duration, we are able to adapt all our games to make sure everyone is included and that it properly reflects the dynamics of each group.

Safety Considerations

Safety will always be our number one consideration. From environmental to personal safety, we use qualified and experienced canoe and kayak staff trained in First Aid/CPR. If you have any concerns with regards to your event, please talk to us and we will be glad to explain how we are ready to take care of your team.

Rain Day Concerns

Due to the “lake effect”, most rainy day forecasts get “pushed” onto the city and in many cases the Toronto Islands don’t see the same weather systems. Therefore, a rain day in the city does not necessarily equal a rain day on the islands. We use up to the minute weather radar systems to help decide if programs will run or not and have many years behind us of “knowing our weather”.

Rain Day Options

  • Option A: It’s only a little drizzle, play on!
  • Option B: We alter the event to adapt to the rain.
  • Option C: Rain date – we pick another date.