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Recommend Group Size: 10 – 200+

We can easily customize your Toronto Island Adventure by combining a selection of our paddling sports.

Sample Day

Your entire group arrives at the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre and gets oriented and outfitted to journey to the Toronto Islands as a single group paddling a big voyageur canoe(s). Once on the island, your group can transition into different ‘adventure’ groups. One group can continue to explore by leisurely paddling amongst the island channels and lagoons while a second group, feeling more adventurous, can explore the islands by tandem 2-person kayaks.

A third group can explore using stand up paddleboards, while a fourth group can get off the water and explore the island by bike. After the respective island adventures, the various groups will reunite and travel back to the mainland via voyageur canoe.

Please note that the example above can be rearranged and combined to best work with your group, including separating out the group into their respective adventures right from the start OR for larger groups, organizing to meet on the Toronto Islands to start the activity.

Time scheduled for this event is a full-day though the duration can be customized.


This is a highly customized program. Please contact us for pricing.

Special Notes

This event is all about customization. Let’s have a conversation to find out how to make this event work best for your group.