Harbourfront Alert

That’s a wrap, folks. Our season has ended. Thanks for a great summer! Quickest response for ANY inquiry ask@paddletoronto.com. We look forward to welcoming you late Spring 2022.

Store your canoe, kayak, or stand up paddleboard right by the water. We provide the outdoor racks, you provide the cable, lock and insurance.

Storage fees cover May 1 to September 30; however boats may be left on our racks from October to April at no extra cost. Choose from our Mainland office location or our Toronto Island beach location, located near Russian Beach at the Toronto Island Marina.

Island Storage Option

Storing on the Island takes the worry out of crossing a sometimes windy and often busy harbour. There’s a relaxing feeling you get from this beach, with a leisurely sense of starting and ending your paddling in the calm island waters. This location offers an amazing view of the city skyline from the sand beach and there is also a fully licensed restaurant at the Marina Tender dock. Also keep in mind that Dave paddles right past Russian Beach on his Thursday and Friday Evening Kayak Social Paddles, which are free to you if you have your own boat!

Our peaceful Island beach storage view

Fees to store on the Island are reduced to allow the added expense of purchasing tickets for the Marina Tender. One-way Tender tickets are available to purchase at the Marina and it’s free to return to the city using an Island Ferry. The Marina Tender departs every half hour and is located just south of the Second Cup on the east side of Queens Quay Terminal building, about a 5-10 minute walk from our office. Departures are weekdays 7:30 am-11:00 pm and weekends 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. View the full schedule.

Once on the Island, it’s a short 5-minute walk from the Marina Restaurant to the beach racks and only a 10-minute walk from the racks to the Centre Island Ferry. Check out a Google Map of the area.

Canoe, Kayak & Paddleboard Storage Fees

Type of BoatMainland LocationIsland Beach Location
First Canoe or Kayak$470 incl HST $400 incl HST
Additional Canoes/Kayaks$360/each incl HST $290/each incl HST
First Paddleboard$250 incl HST $210 incl HST
Additional Paddleboards$225/each incl HST $185/each incl HST
Fees cover May 1 to September 30 each year.

Paddling Gear Storage & Locker Rentals

We offer storage lockers at both our mainland and island locations to securely store your personal gear right by the water. Lockers are limited so contact us for availability or to be put on a wait list. Lockers fees incl HST: Mainland $130 and Island $125

New Storage Enquiries

Please email clare@paddletoronto.com. If we can offer you a space, we’ll email a storage application. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation with instructions on bringing down your boat. If storing on the Island, we can pontoon your boat for you to place on our racks.

Existing Storage Guests

Existing storage guests can use the links below to renew your storage fees. As an existing customer, first sign in with your email and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, reset it by clicking ‘I forgot my password’. Once signed in, click on ‘Book’, add options if needed and continue to checkout.

Kayak/Canoe Renewal
with option to add boats/locker
Paddleboard Only Renewal
with option to add boards/locker
Mainland RacksMainland Racks
Island RacksIsland Racks

The Small Print

All storage guests are responsible for providing a lock and cable for their boat/paddleboard to secure to our racks. Guests must also ensure their personal home insurance covers your boat/paddleboard against theft or damages.

Renewal notices for the new season are sent in February and fees are due by March 31st each year. If you no longer require a space, let us know ASAP and ensure your boat is removed from our racks no later than April 30th.

Early & Late-Season Paddling

For those of you with your own boat, here are some tips if you’re planning some off-season, cold weather paddling:

  1. Know your self-rescues and/or paddle with a buddy who knows rescues and let someone know the route you will be taking.
  2. Wear a properly fitted drysuit and lifejacket, especially when the water temperature is below 13C (check our homepage for updates). Be sure to check the hourly weather, especially winds. Dave likes to check The Weather Network’s hourly forecast for wind and their radar for changes and pop-up storms.
  3. Be extra cautious of changing weather conditions, especially winds in the harbour from the east, north-east, or south-east. If weather does change while in the islands, you can always leave your boat at one of the marinas and take the ferry back for free.
  4. We don’t encourage night paddling due to the fact there are so many lights reflecting off the water that your lights will blend in and make it difficult for motorized boats to see your boat.  If you still decide to go out at night, attach the brightest light which can be seen from all directions to the back of your boat, as well as a bright headlamp to face forward.  It is also advised to cross the harbour alongside the buoys at the end of the airport runway.