Harbourfront Alert

Monday looks like a beautiful hot day (no rain) with lots of boats available ...so just drop in and we will get you out on the water. Everyday afterwards gets increasingly colder and more windy ...hope to see you Monday! We will be closed Tues, Wed, Thurs due to winds.

Paddle more often and save 50% with Frequent Paddler Codes!

Each Frequent Paddler Code (FPC) offers 50% off one boat rental (canoe, kayak or paddleboard). Your FPC’s are valid for two seasons. For example, if you purchase in 2020 they are good through to the end of our 2021 season. Feel free to share them with family and friends to help them escape the concrete city and connect with Toronto’s waterfront!

Once purchased, your 10 unique codes will be emailed within 48 hours, ready to use on our on-line rental reservation system. FPC are available to purchase ON-LINE ONLY. When you have received your codes, your purchase is non-refundable.

How Much Would You Save Over 10 Rentals?

Rental TypeRental LengthRental PriceTotal Savings
Solo Kayak2 Hour Rental$45Save $117.60
Solo Kayak3 Hour Rental$60Save $192.60
Solo Kayak4+Hour Rental$75Save $267.60
Tandem Kayak or Canoe2 Hour Rental$60Save $192.60
Tandem Kayak or Canoe3 Hour Rental$80Save $292.60
Tandem Kayak or Canoe4+Hour Rental$95Save $367.60
Paddleboard2 Hour Rental$50Save $142.60
Paddleboard3 Hour Rental$65Save $217.60
Paddleboard4+Hour Rental$80Save $292.60