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We are now CLOSED FOR THE SEASON but are already looking forward to 2020. If you have any questions, please email ask@paddletoronto.com for quickest response, as we don't pick up voice messages as often. Thank you all for a great season and we look forward to helping you enjoy Toronto's Waterfront beginning May 16, 2020.

  ...As a paddler, it may have occurred to you that all of your years paddling and enjoying your favorite hobby were simultaneously preparing yourself for social distancing. (read the article)
  Water temp is now 4C ...taken from our docks 3 feet under water.

We strongly recommend drysuits, properly worn lifejackets, paddling with a buddy, and good self rescue skills with water temp under 13C/55F ...video)


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HEALTHY GIFTS:  Give the gift  of health, happiness, community, friendship, joy, exercise and relaxation to your loved ones by purchasing a gift voucher online. Once purchased, you can personalize it, immediately print it out or email it.



CELEBRATE PADDLING VISUALLY!  Check out some 1985 location photos in our photo gallery , most recent photos on Facebook, and the 30 min. film THE CANOE by Film-maker and Harbourfront Alumni, Goh Iromoto. You'll be sure to see see some familiar footage, and check out other Toronto waterfront footage there too.


NIGHT PADDLING: We don’t encourage night paddling due to the fact there are so many lights reflecting off the water that your lights will blend in and makes it difficult for motorized boats to see your lights.  If you still decide to go out at night, have the brightest light you can find on the back of your boat able to be seen from all directions, as well as a bright headlamp to face forward.  Also it is advised to cross the harbour alongside the buoys at the end of the airport runway.

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Your entire Harbourfront Paddling Family wish you all health and well-being during these difficult times. We will update our website closer to May with any future changes to the ways we get you out enjoying this healthy activity in fresh air down here at the Lake.

Due to Covid-19, all pool courses for April and May have now been cancelled. We look forward to offering you our pool sessions next year.