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  Thank you: Be thankful for the little things in life, for one day we will look back and realize they were the big things. We all have things to be thankful for, and we are thankful to be involved in a small way in your lives. Thanks for a wonderful summer and your friendship. We wish everyone a happy and healthy winter and look forward to welcoming you back into our friendly paddling community in 2019.
  HEALTHY CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Give the gift of health, happiness, community, peace, joy, exercise, relaxation, and friendship. Get your loved ones involved down here with us by purchasing a gift voucher online. Once purchased, you can personalize it, immediately print it out or email it.

THE NEW PARK DESIGN: Yes the York St Love Park-2019, as well as the Rees St parking lot just to the north of us will be redesigned in 2020 ... click the links and see.

GROUPON CUSTOMERS: If you didn't get a chance to book a tour using your Groupon voucher this year, we will honour any unused Groupon Vouchers in 2019.

  WATER TEMP: Harbour 4C & Hourly Weather Forecast
  USED SUPs, Drysuits, and Tandem Kayaks for sale. Click here for details
  CELEBRATE PADDLING VISUALLY!  Check out some 1985 location photos in our photo gallery , and the 30 min. film THE CANOE by Film-maker and Harbourfront Alumni, Goh Iromoto. You'll be sure to see see some familiar footage, and check out other Toronto waterfront footage there too.
  COLD WATER PADDLING: If you are planning on doing some cold-water fall paddling in your own boat, please be sure to follow these safety protocols:

  • Paddle with a buddy, let someone know the route you will be taking, and waterproof your cell phone.
  • Wear a drysuit, especially when the water temperature is below 13C
  • Know your rescues!
  • Be extra cautious of changing weather conditions, especially winds in the harbour from the east, north-east, or south-east.  If weather does change while in the islands, remember you can always leave your boat at one of the marinas and take the ferry back for free.
  • We don’t encourage night paddling due to the fact there are so many lights reflecting off the water that your lights will blend in and makes it difficult for motorized boats to see your lights. If you still decide to go out at night, have the brightest light you can find on the back of your boat able to be seen from all directions, as well as a bright headlamp to face forward.  Also it is advised to cross the harbour alongside the buoys at the end of the airport runway  
  With thanks,
Dave & Crew

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