Harbourfront Alert

Fri forecasting rain we will be closed. Weekend looking good ...reservations sold out.

Open for the season on Saturday June 5th 2021!

Our season will run Sat June 5 – Sun Oct 3, 2021. We are so grateful to be helping you enjoy the beauty and fresh air of Toronto’s Waterfront. Check out our Covid-19 Q&A safety protocols as well as frequently asked questions.

For those coming down to rent boats or take a course, we ask you bring: a personal mask, hand sanitizer, and waterproof bag for your personal belongings, as day-use lockers will not be available. Feel free to bring a personal lifejacket if desired tho we do have lots here for you.

If you have any questions, please email us for quickest response instead of voice mail.

About Covid & Pre-Season Paddling:

Once again with the latest Ontario shut-down, health experts are instructing us to distance ourselves from one another, self-isolate, and stay home. These are all measures that are completely necessary, but they are certainly uncomfortable to us as social paddling beings. 

As paddlers, how do we walk the fine line between safety, social responsibility, and not going crazy by staying in the house? The best choice is to stay close to home and enjoy fresh air and sunshine in our own neighborhoods. We all need to take extraordinary measures to slow the spread of the new strains of the virus and to protect vulnerable members of the community. Staying around home has already helped lower new covid case counts as seen the last few days, and keeps us from overwhelming our healthcare systems, reduces stress on strangers needing to walk the streets to get groceries, parking attendants, the TTC, and possibly even marine police. 

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and for our community that is going to mean less paddling for at least the early part of the season. I personally expect to see us all paddling during the warm water months of June-September, which may only be possible if everyone continues with social-distancing and/or self-isolation over the next month. Many of us will find this difficult, but the water will wait for us.  

Our docks have been moved into their secured summer location and no washrooms are open in our area. I’ve recently checked on all the boats to ensure they are all secure. We will let you know when our pontoon boat gets put back in the water for those accessing Island storage. There are no locked gates of course in our docks area so we aren’t controlling boat drop offs and pickups, nor paddling during these covid restrictions while we are closed. While we don’t recommend that individuals paddle on their own for safety reasons, our position is that, if individuals choose to paddle independently at their own risk, and potentially on their own, they should still respect cold water paddling protocol. 

By staying at home, we act out of love for strangers, the more vulnerable, as well as family and friends. It’s still a great time to reach out and help others in any way we can, to take stock of what we appreciate about paddling, and plan personal paddling goals including the best stretches to help get into shape before paddling. Keep safe and know we care about you all.