We are open for Paddling June 1st 2021!

Our season will run Tues June 1 – Sun Oct 3 2021. We are so grateful to be helping you enjoy the beauty and fresh air of Toronto’s Waterfront. Check out our Covid-19 Q&A safety protocols as well as frequently asked questions.

For those coming down to rent boats or take a course, we ask you bring: a completed Adult Rental Waiver or Youth Rental Waiver or Course Waiver, a personal mask, hand sanitizer, and waterproof bag for your personal belongings, as day-use lockers will not be available. Feel free to bring a personal lifejacket if desired tho we do have lots here for you.

If you have any questions, please email us for quickest response instead of voice mail.

About Covid & Paddling: It is an understatement that we are still currently living in unprecedented times, and public area rules and regulations are changing for the better by the day. We are all experiencing a situation that none of us ever anticipated or were fully prepared for and no one will come away unaffected by it. Health experts are instructing us to distance ourselves from one another (no hugs will be hard for Dave), and to keep disinfecting hands and surfaces. We can do this easily being an outdoor business, with markings on the ground for lining up, and disinfecting boats, paddles and lifejackets between uses, washrooms being sanitized often, and in other ways. As paddlers, we have been practicing social distancing while paddling on-water forever.

As paddlers and social beings, how do we walk the fine line between safety, social responsibility, and not going crazy by worrying all the time, all the while going on with life experiencing fresh air and exercise?  

Well presently, we are open and practicing all the above protocols out of love for our guests, the more vulnerable in society, as well as family and friends. It’s a great time to reach out and help others in any way we can, to take stock of what we appreciate about paddling, and plan personal paddling goals while paddling to get in shape. Your paddling season is here and though gyms may not be as scenic as the Toronto Islands, paddling is wonderful physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Keep safe and know we care about you all.