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Frequently Asked Rental Questions

Do I need to make a reservation?

It’s highly recommended that you reserve your boat as you will be prioritized over walk-ins and we often sell out. Should the weather become a problem we will be able to contact anyone with a reservation. Reservations are available online until the night before the day you want to paddle. Please note that weekends are very busy so we recommend you reserve well ahead of time.

What is the usual rental season? 

Weather permitting and if the water temperature has reached 13 celsius, our rental season begins June 1st and continues to the end of September. We start taking on-line rental reservations beginning May 1st for dates beginning June 1st. Visit our website homepage to get updates on the day’s weather conditions and any cancelation alerts.

What should I wear?

Ensure that you dress for the weather that day. At minimum plan to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, a water bottle and snack, a change of clothes and something warmer for when you get off the water. We offer free garbage bags for you to store anything extra to bring with you in your kayak. For footwear, we suggest something you don’t mind getting wet. For your safety, NO BARE FEET ALLOWED on our docks or anywhere on our site.

How late can I cancel my boat rental reservation and get a full refund?

To cancel your boat reservation, you must email by 5:00pm the DAY PRIOR to your reservation. Please do not leave a voice message.

What kind of experience do I require for a rental?

Tandem kayaks are our only beginner friendly boat as they are less tippy, and we can usually get complete beginners out on the water. For solo kayaks you need to be comfortable paddling in choppy conditions and have at least a beginner kayak course or equivalent experience under your belt. For canoe rentals one person needs to know how to keep the canoe in a straight line, and to change directions quickly. Our dock crew gives a short paddle test to all our guests to ensure everyone is safe on the water. 

Can I bring my dog with me?

You are welcome to bring your dog but we highly recommend you rent a canoe. Doggie life jacket are required which you can purchase at many local pet stores these days. Your dog must have previous experience in a canoe so they don’t tip you.

Are there any age restrictions when renting a boat?

Those aged 15-17 can rent on their own BUT must have an adult/guardian sign a waiver. Those under 15 can rent with an adult. If you are a physically strong paddler we have had lots of happy guests put their 5-year-old in the front of a tandem kayak on relatively calm days. On windy days a tandem kayak is easily blown around in the wind and difficult to control with just a young child in the front. In that situation, you are basically a solo kayaker with the child upfront. For canoes you must be very skilled at solo canoeing as canoes are even more difficult to manage in windy conditions tho we do start and end your rental in the islands with a pontoon boat shuttle over and back at no extra charge.  

Where are your canoes and paddleboards stored?

We keep our canoes and paddleboards on a dock on the Island; as canoe and paddleboard rentals begin and end on the Island. The rental fees include a round-trip pontoon shuttle. Your rental time will start once you are in control of your boat after we’ve taken you over in our motorized pontoon boat and we will arrange a pickup time to come and return you to our docks on the mainland. Please allow for extra time and let us know if you have time sensitive plans. 

If my friend is renting a canoe and I am renting a kayak can I have my kayak transferred to the island on the pontoon boat? 

Please plan to paddle your kayak rental to the island and back. For an extra charge we may be able to accommodate; but note those who have rented a canoe or paddleboard take first priority. There are many designated boat taxis in the neighbourhood your friends and family can go across on if they aren’t paddling and just meeting up with you there.

Can I share my equipment rental? 

Unfortunately for liability/waiver reasons and the busyness of our ramp, we don’t allow sharing.