Harbour News

The Harbourfront is changing! Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre will continue to buy more equipment, pontoon boats (another one for 2021), and add to the vast programming available. We dream of a day that we share a new modern community building in the same location with our present neighbours, accessible to all. We have the dream, and the plans, let us know if you know an organization or person with the connections to make a better community dream come true. There is a lot of excitement for the direct future of our neighbourhood in Toronto as well, as many projects have been confirmed. Check out the following links to see what is coming in the years to come:

Rees St & Lakeshore Rd (Just 1 block north of us)

Queens Quay & York St (just 2 blocks east of us)

Mouth of the Don River

Jack Layton Island Ferry terminal

Parliament Street Harbour