Harbourfront Alert

Save 40% on Tandem Kayak Tours during May 29-June 26.

Group Tours/Team Building begin Mid May: groups@paddletoronto.com

Recommended Group Size: 15 – 500+

Teams are handed a passport, map, compass and a few other specialty items. With only a specific amount of time, teams must use these items in order to collect information and perform small tasks on the way to the finish line. Be warned! There are more tasks than time permits, and some tasks are worth more points than others so teams must strategize how to maximize the number of points collected within the allotted time. Don’t be late to the finish line or you will lose points!

We recommended that this program is done as teams of 4.

Time scheduled for this event is: 2 – 2.5 hours (duration can be customized)
 Please allow an extra 15-30 minutes before and after the event for orientation and to calculate the results.


$39.95 per participant plus HST.

What’s Included

  • Event booklet and equipment.
  • Ferry tickets to the Toronto Islands.
  • Bike rental as needed.

Special Notes

This event is highly customizable for start and end locations making it ideal to combine with another event, food option or to best fit into your scheduled day. There are no restrictions as to when this program can run.