Harbourfront Alert

Closed for the season, enjoy looking around the website/facebook/instagram photos/posted articles, and we really look forward to welcoming you back June 1st 2024.

QUICKEST reply for ANY inquiry is via ask@paddletoronto.com

This adventure can be done by voyageur canoe or stand up paddleboard.

As a team, you will race against the clock to complete the GPS Challenge and accumulate as many points as possible. This challenge will have teams traveling the Island canals by either voyageur canoe or stand up paddleboard following directions on a GPS unit to arrive at specific land locations.

Once on land, teams will be handed their challenge card and will need to travel across land to complete their challenge before returning to the canoe for their next GPS travel portion. They will complete a series of these until they arrive at their ultimate and final destination.

Time scheduled for this event is: 2.5 – 3.5 hours though the duration can be customized.


  • Stand Up Paddleboard Version: $95 per participant plus HST
  • Voyageur Canoe Version: $65 per participant plus HST

What’s Included

  • Stand up paddleboard for each participant or a voyageur canoe.
  • All paddling and safety equipment.
  • Equipment for the activity (e.g. GPS and clues).
  • Certified and experienced staff.

Special Notes

This event can be customized for duration, start and end locations.