Harbourfront Alert

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Recommended Group Size: 8 – 100

This program can be done as a single team working to accomplish a common goal or as a head to head competition.

Your group will be paddling the large voyageur canoes in teams ranging from 7 to 17. Each voyageur canoe comes with a certified and experienced paddle guide from the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre.

Before the start of the hunt, each team will select 8 cards from a possible 15. Each card will have a specific task or item to locate somewhere on the Toronto Islands. Teams will also be provided with two “pass cards” and a map of the Toronto Islands. Teams will then be provided with 15 minutes of preparation time on land to figure out the order in which they wish to tackle their cards for the Voyageur Canoe Scavenger Hunt.

Teams will be provided 2 hours (this can be customized) to accomplish as much of the adventure as possible, before having to ultimately arrive at the designated finish location. At any time during the adventure, teams can use the “pass cards” to opt-out of any 2 tasks.

The team that accomplishes the greatest number of cards within the 2-hour time limit is crowned the winner.

Time scheduled for this event is: 2.5 – 3 hours (duration can be customized). 
Please allow an extra 15-30 minutes before and after the event for orientation and to calculate the results.


Cost: $50 per participant plus HST

What’s Included

  • Event booklet and equipment.
  • A certified and experienced canoe guide.
  • Voyageur canoe and all safety and paddle equipment.

Special Notes

This event is highly customizable for start and end locations making it ideal to combine with another event, food options, or to best fit into your scheduled day.