Team Building

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Team Building

The following Team Building programs are offered through our partner: National Eventing.  Please contact James Kowalewski at 647-309-5268 to enquire about any of these amazing programs or Request a Quote.

Our Events can take on many forms; from exciting head-to-head races or single challenges; to leisurely paddles through the Toronto Island Archipelago; to culinary adventures - all you need to do is choose!  All our events are highly customized towards your specific groups needs. We work closely with you to ensure that your activities, intensity levels and objectives are in line with your vision of the day. Our pricing is all-inclusive with no surprises or hidden fees. 

Island Scavenger Hunt

Teams are handed a passport, map, compass and a few other specialty items. With only a certain amount of time, use these items in order to collect information and perform small tasks on your way to the finish line. But be warned! There are more tasks than time permits so group strategy must be used as certain tasks are worth more points than others and penalties are charged for teams arriving late to the finish line.

Time scheduled for this event is 2 hours (duration can be customized)
Please allow an extra 15-30 minutes before and after the event for introductions and team awards.

Cost: $35 per participant and includes:
Event booklet and equipment
Ferry Tickets to the Toronto Islands
Bike rental as needed

Voyageur Canoe Scavenger Hunt

As a team, you will paddle a historic Voyageur Canoe to the Toronto Islands. Once there, your scavenger hunt will begin. Your boat captain will hand you a series of challenges in search of items that you must navigate the island system to locate or retrieve. To make things even more interesting your team is limited to a specific amount of time in order to accomplish as many tasks as they can. You will need to work as a team, communicating, cooperating and traveling in order to accomplish your goal. This program will mainly require paddling, but also some section which take you over land. It is 100% to be accomplished as a single team.

This activity can also be modified to place teams in a head to head challenge.

Cost: $50 per participant and includes: 
Event booklet and equipment
Voyageur Canoe and Paddle Canada certified guide

By Water By Land Island Adventure

Your team will meet at the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre where, after a brief orientation, will travel to the Toronto Island in Voyageur Canoes. They will explore the 13 Islands, via many channels and lagoons; learning about the flora, fauna and incredible history before taking a well deserved break on the islands. After a snack or pre-planned meal, your group can decide to either explore the islands by land using the Island Bike Rentals or by foot; or to continue by water in the Voyageur Canoe.

At the end of your adventure the group can return to the mainland all as one in the Voyageur Canoes or by using the Island ferry system (free for return).

Cost: $65 per participant and includes:
Paddling Equipment
Bike Rental
Transportation to and from the Islands via Voyageur Canoes

The Incredible Island Race

This is, by far, our most popular event! In a similar format to a certain popular television show, teams travel in big Voyageur Canoes to various locations across the Islands completing tasks in order to gain their next clue. Tasks can include digging for buried treasure to solving a giant jigsaw puzzle. The first team to complete the entire race is declared the overall winner. We’ve observed that teams who truly work together typically excel in this event.

Time scheduled for this event is 2 hours (duration can be customized)

Cost: $95 per participant and includes:
Paddling equipment, challenges and staff
Transportation to and from the Islands via Voyageur Canoes

Stand Up Paddleboard Adventure Challenge (GPS Challenge)

We will get you outfitted on the mainland at the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre. From there, your group will board our pontoon boat for a short 5-10min shuttle over to the Toronto Islands where your Paddleboards and instructor will be waiting. Once there, your instructor will review the basics to allow for the tour and adventure to begin.

The GPS Adventure Challenge  As a single team, you will race against the clock to complete the SUP Scavenger Hunt Challenge and accumulate as many points as possible. Navigating the Toronto Islands using a GPS this challenge will have teams traveling the Island canals by SUP, and searching for answers on land.

Cost: $95 per participant and includes:
All Equipment (SUP’s, Instructor, GPS, Clues)
Transportation to and from the Islands via pontoon boat

Paddle Adventure Day

By combining from a selection of our paddling sports, we can customize your Toronto Island adventure. Sample Day:

Your entire group arrives at the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre and gets oriented and outfitted to journey to the Toronto Islands as a single group paddling a big Voyageur Canoe(s). Once on the island, you group can transition into different 'adventure' groups. One group can continue to explore by leisurely paddling amongst the island channels and lagoons. A second group can, feeling more adventurous, explore the islands by tandem 2-person kayaks. A third group can explore using Stand Up Paddleboards, while a fourth group can get off the water and explore the island by land using bikes. After the respective island adventures, the various groups will reunite and travel back to the mainland via voyageur canoe.

PLEASE NOTE   The example above can be re-arranged and combined to best work with your group, including separating out the group into their respective adventures right from the start OR for larger groups, organizing to meet on the Toronto Islands to start their activity.

Cost: $105 per participant and includes:
All Equipment
Paddle Canada Certified Instructors
Transportation to and from the Islands via Voyageur Canoes

Culinary Paddle Adventures

Join us on a leisurely paddle and informative tour to the beautiful Toronto Islands in a heritage voyageur canoe, a replica of the ones used by early Canadian settlers. These canoes are very stable and can hold up to 21 adults in a single voyageur (17 paddlers + 4 non-paddlers). If all canoes are available, we could accommodate up to 138 paddlers + 22 non-paddlers.  Once we hit the shore we will feast on a gourmet dinner picnic and relax on the island. As the sun sets, we will board our canoes and paddle back to the city, taking in the magnificent skyline view from the water as darkness falls. You will see the city as you've never seen it before. You will leave with some delicious recipes, a full belly and incredible memories of an amazing voyage to the islands. Please note that this event can be customized to different budget levels as well as different starting times like mid-day.
Check out the video here! (

Cost: $135 per participant and includes:
All Equipment
Qualified Paddling Staff
Transportation to and from the Islands via Voyageur Canoes
Chef prepared food and non-alcoholic drink



All of these programs begin at the Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre. What makes this location so ideal is that many companies need to factor an entire day for their events, due to travel logistics. By being right on the Toronto waterfront, many of our past clientele have only needed to allocate an afternoon for the event. This reduces time “lost” due to commuting and can facilitate a team meeting in the morning. Post event, staff are able to disembark as needed due to our close proximity to city transit.

Duration of Events: These are all customized events. Activities can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Intensity of Events: As with duration, we are able to adapt all our games to make sure everyone is included and that it properly reflects the dynamics of each group.

Safety considerations: Safety will always be our number one consideration. From environmental to personal safety, we use qualified and experienced canoe and kayak staff trained in First Aid/CPR. If you have any concerns with regards to your event, please talk to us and we will be glad to explain how we are ready to take care of your team.

Rain Day Concerns:  Due to the “lake effect”, most rainy day forecasts get “pushed” onto the city and in many cases the Toronto Islands don’t see the same weather systems. Therefore, a rain day in the city does not necessarily equal a rain day on the islands. We use up to the minute weather radar systems to help decide if programs will run or not and have many years behind us of “knowing our weather”.

Rain Day Options:
Option A: It’s only a little drizzle, play on!
Option B: We alter the event to adapt to the rain.
Option C: Rain date – we pick another date.

Questions? Please contact James Kowalewski at National Eventing at 647-309-5268.