As per your usual standard the weekend was absolutely wonderful. Here are just a few of the great things I observed/experienced on the weekend:
Staff are fantastic-knowledgeable, easy to understand, willing to share, demonstrate and teach a variety of skills at the participants level for maximum learning. Their passion for sharing and teaching is inspiring.
Skill level in their topics. Excellent. Good communication skills on water and classroom (excellent job) to ensure all participants understand the topic. Theory plus their demonstration really helped me learn a lot of new skills and techniques.
Their easy going attitude makes them very approachable, you are not afraid to ask them questions. The easy going is not to be mistaken with lax or unsafe…such a great group of professions ensuring we are all safe and ready to learn on the water
Constantly are checking for feedback on participants well being , health, mental state and  understanding of the curriculum, confirming that everyone is Ok .Each of us has different needs and the trainers were great at accommodating everyone.
Loved the video analysis of stroke technique…fantastic tool. I highly recommend more of this in the future…should franchise this idea!!!!!
- loved the idea of learning new skills and being politely pushed past my personal comfort zone…I can think of nowhere else to be so safe to try a learn skill and be encouraged to do so. I am indebted to the instructors for showing me that I am better at kayaking than I thought.
I have been exposed to ( yes kinda like a virus lol) to a few of your instructors over the years now. I am constantly amazed at their knowledge, teaching ability and compassion to help us newbie’s learn
For you and Dave personally….
And here comes the mushie part. My utmost compliments and respect to you and Dave on your ongoing quest to make Harbourfront  such family oriented company. With such great staff on these courses you very much feel that you are not just a number or a participant but a friend and part of the family. That starts right from the top down and in my mind is so important these days….SUPER JOB on  your side for building such a great team of people.
There are too many places in the world that you are just a number, at  Harbourfront you are family.
The personal touch within your organization is magic…never lose it. It is places like yours that recharge our batteries to face the onslaught of the business world for another day.
Being a business owner myself, I am encouraged to see a business such as yours that has so much passion within their staff. Everyone always goes out of their way to help. Sometimes as owners, we cannot see or have forgotten about  the passion of  our work and dreams. Lost in the  through the stack of paperwork and administration we have to do…I just wanted to remind you both….Great job( I hear applause in the background….do you?).I have great admiration and respect for what you guys do at Harbourfront. Passion in a company is not bought! it is inspired, created and cultivated.
Your staff have helped me reach a new level of comfort and skill in kayaking….YUP, new boat and more courses I think…..start booking Paul, Eric, Emily, James and Lien in advance…ha-ha
Ok I am done now. My face is so sore from smiling so much all weekend
Again,, thanks for a great weekend and I am so looking forward to Iceland!!!!!!!!!!

Eric K.

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