Good Morning

I would like to tell you of my fantastic experience yesterday at the Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre.
It is not only just yesterday, but a constant thrill to be involved with Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre.
Let me explain.  Yesterday was such a glorious day, I decided to load up my kayaks and go down to the Toronto Islands for a great day of Kayaking and a picnic.  I have been on the group social evenings with Dave and Jim before and thought I would follow the same route.  I didn’t realize that you were open yesterday, so I packed up all my gear and off I went.
I arrived at your centre and found you were open!  I thought I would ask if I could drop off my kayak and use your boat launch area because I didn’t know the area well enough.  I have such fantastic service!  The young lady at the front desk answered me with a smile, looked me in the eye and told me “Of course, no problem at all”. Then to top it off gave me a discount parking ticket.  How fantastic!  I wasn’t even bringing any revenue to your business and she gave me the discount ticket!  What customer service.  I definitely made sure that I told everyone about your centre while out on my adventure!
The next wonderful experience I received was when Dave walked by, said a cheery hello and even took the time to chat.  Dave took the time to chat, tell me about the day, the waves, the winds and offered me a map of the area. Even mentioned the great ice cream place to go to!  How does he know I LOVE ice cream!  Dave took the time to chat, he didn’t have one hand on the door waiting to get away.  What a special feeling.
I was also lucky enough to meet a gentleman who had heart surgery and he told me about the wonderful help that your centre gives to him on his daily visits for kayaking.
I will make sure that I let everyone know about your great centre for sure.  Such wonderful customer service, so friendly, imagine..people who take the time!  Such a simple act to do, but what a great way for me to start the day and continue with a smile throughout!

Thanks so much!
Beverley Lee

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