I took the 3 hour voyageur canoe tour last Sunday, Sept 20 and must admit I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This has been my second year on this tour and each time I take it, I seem to love it all the more. It is such a thrilling experience being on the water and a great way to explore the Toronto islands. It was so relaxing as the canoe maneuvered its way through the quieter stretches of the islands archipelago. You get to see areas that are not accessible by the larger ferry boats. The Islands are a quick getaway from the city and it is so nice to see more and more people enjoying these outdoor adventures. The canoe guides were great in guiding us on the tour and were friendly and had a lot of information to share as well.
As I also love taking photos, the tour provided some opportunities for great photography too with the impressive Toronto skyline, the planes coming into the land at the island airport and the Toronto islands themselves. My colleagues really loved the photos and suggested that I share them with the Canoe and Kayak Centre as well, probably to add to your websites photo gallery. Hence, on their insistence, I have attached some of the photos that I thought did come out well. Hope you like them too.
This is such a great initiative by the Canoe and Kayak Centre to get the public to have a better appreciation of the natural spaces the city has to offer. Really appreciate all the efforts and thanks once again for all the opportunities offered to help us enjoy our great city.

Gracinda Varghese

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