FUN FACTS! Did you know Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run into the island waters? ...wonder if it's still out there 

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is the usual rental season? 

ANSWER: We usually open the Sat of the May long weekend and end the last Sunday of September. The rental reservation page goes live a week or 2 before we open once we have a good idea that the water temp will be 13C or above.

QUESTION: What should I wear?

ANSWER: Dress for the weather of the day but bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a change of clothes and something warmer for when you get off the water ...we have free lockers and locks for you to use in the office.

QUESTION: How late can I cancel my rental reservation for a full refund?

ANSWER: We prefer 24 hours notice but in case of an emergency, simply let us know as soon as you know and we will see what we can do for you.

QUESTION: Do I need to make a reservation?

ANSWER: It's highly recommended that you reserve your boat as you will be prioritized over walk-ins. Should weather become a problem we will be able to contact anyone with a reservation. Reservations are available online until the night before the day you want to paddle.  Please note that weekends are very busy so we recommend you reserve well ahead of time.

QUESTION: Why can we not get through on the phone?

ANSWER: The office is dealing with guests in the office firstly before answering phones. We actually recommend emailing us even before calling and leaving a message.

QUESTION: Can I bring my dog?

ANSWER: We recommend canoes of course and you need to bring your doggie lifejacket with you, and your dog must have previous experience in a canoe.

QUESTION: What kind of experience do I require for a rental?

ANSWER: Tandem kayaks are our only beginner friendly boat in which we can usually get complete beginners out on the water.  For solo kayaks you need to be comfortable paddling in choppy conditions and have at least a beginner kayak course or equivalent experience under your belt.  For canoe rentals one person needs to know how to keep the canoe in a straight line, and to change directions quickly.  Our dock crew gives a short paddle test to all our guests to ensure everyone is safe on the water. 

QUESTION: What is the age restriction?

ANSWER: If you are a physically strong paddler we have had lots of happy guests put their   5 year old in the front of a tandem kayak on relatively calm days.  On windy days the tandem kayak is easily taken by the wind.  You are basically a solo kayaker with the child upfront.  For canoes you must be very skilled in solo canoeing as canoes are even more difficult in windy conditions.  

QUESTION: Where are your canoes and paddle boards kept?

ANSWER: We keep these on our dock on the Island.  Your time will start once you are in control of your boat after we taken you over in our motorboat.  We will arrange a pickup time to come and get you and bring you back to our offices on the mainland.  Please allow for extra time and let us know if you have time sensitive plans. 

QUESTION: If my friend is renting a canoe and I am renting a kayak can I have my kayak transferred to the island on the pontoon boat? 

ANSWER: Please plan to paddle the kayak over to the island and back. If your friend's shuttle isn't full we might be able to accommodate you.  We only transfer our boat renters on the pontoon boat. 

QUESTION: What restaurants are within walking distance?

ANSWER: Restaurants abound within a 5-10 min walk from our office including Tim Hortons, Swiss Chalet, Shoeless Joes, Subway, Spicy Thai, Indian Roti House, Harveys, Pizzaiolla, Gonoe Sushi, and the Amsterdam Brewhouse. Paddling out to the Toronto Islands we recommend the Island Cafe where you can enjoy fresh healthy food and wonderful smoothies.