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Rentals:  Kayaks • Standup Paddleboards • Canoes

The 13 Toronto Islands are on our doorstep, with secluded beaches, bird sanctuaries, washrooms, picnic areas, a cottage-country feel, and many waterways to paddle and relax. Stay healthy and enjoy wilderness in the city!

What is our Rentals Cold Water Policy?
When the water temperature drops below 13ºC, we require renters to know their In-water Rescues and to wear their personal wetsuit. The only exception is when there is a qualified staff accompanying you on your paddle. This is to ensure that a rescue can be performed in under 2 minutes in order to reduce your cold water exposure time. Programs which do not require a wetsuit include: Evening Social Paddles, Courses, Private Lessons & Guided Trips. Thank you for your understanding as we try to keep everyone safe.    

What is our Safe Rental Policy?
In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all our renters, we will, at our discretion, conduct a safety Checkout Paddling Assessment within our slip to make sure the renters paddling abilities match the days expected conditions.  We thank you for your understanding.

Rental Hours beginning Victoria Day Weekend:
Monday to Friday   Begin at 12:00pm    Return by 8:00pm (Sept 7:30pm)
Saturday & Sunday   Begin at 10:00am    Return by 5:30pm

RENTAL FEES: Touring Sea Kayaks & Canoes

All Rental Fees include: Safety & Paddling Equipment, Map, & Taxes. Damage Deposit required with Visa or M/C
Please check home page for weather/water conditions and water temp/wetsuit requirements

Equipment Hour Day

Solo Sea Kayak

Tandem Kayak

Fibreglass Canoe







RENTAL FEES:  Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP'S)                              

All Rental Fees include: Safety & Paddling Equipment, Map, & Taxes. Damage Deposit required with Visa or M/C
Please check home page for weather/water conditions and water temp/wetsuit requirements

Hour Each Additional Hour
SUP $30 $10


Our Frequent Paddler Card (FPC) is the easiest way to reserve and prepay your Canoe, Kayak or SUP rental and save money at the same time!  How much would you save?  To rent a kayak on a weekend for the day, you would pay $70.  By using a 20 stamp FPC, you would use only 4 stamps (the equivalent of $49). That's a $21 savings! 

The best part, we keep track of your stamps so you don't have to AND your card never expires!  But remember, the stamps belong to you only....no sharing please!

By purchasing a Frequent Paddler Card, we can help you:

  • Stay active and healthy
  • Get you on the water faster
  • Escape the concrete city more often 
  • Save money!

FPC's can also be used towards:

  • Kayak Morning Social Paddles
  • Kayak/SUP Evening Social Paddles
  • Kayak Night Cruise
Please note: From Mon-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm during July and August, Canoe and Kayak availability is limited due to our Kids Camp program.  Please call in advance to reserve your boat.

20 stamp card:  $245 + Tax
40 stamp card:  $445 + Tax

Rent a On You'll use = You have paid
Based on FPC 20)
Canoe/SUP Mon-Fri anytime 2 stamp $24.50/boat
Canoe/SUP Sat/Sun anytime 4 stamp $49.00/boat
Solo Kayak Mon-Fri anytime 2 stamp $24.50/boat
Solo Kayak Sat/Sun anytime 4 stamp $49.00/boat
Tandem Kayak Mon-Fri anytime 3 stamp $36.75/boat
Tandem Kayak Sat/Sun anytime 6 stamp $73.50/boat

Toronto Islands Map

Click hear for a downloadable PDF Map of the Toronto Islands

  • The Gibralter Lighthouse was built in 1808, and is the oldest stone building in Toronto and the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Great Lakes. A light keeper was resident until 1958, when the lighthouse was decommissioned.
  • In 1914 Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run into the waters of Lake Ontario from the original stadium of the Toronto Maple Leaf baseball team. The original stadium was erected on Hanlan’s Point in 1897.
  • Ned Hanlan (whom Hanlans Point is named after) was a World Champion professional sculler, hotelier, and alderman and became Canada’s first world sporting champion in an individual or singles event after winning the sculling championships in 1880.
  • In 1888 the first school was built on the Toronto islands. Today the Island Public Nature Science School operates Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6, and on Algonquin Island, the Waterfront Montessori Children's Centre hosts children ages 2-1/2 to 6.
  • 67% of the Island’s adult population has lived on the Island for 20 years or more (Total population is 600, 262 Homes)
  • 37% of the adult population has lived on the Island for 35 years or more.
  • An Island family of four is likely to pay in excess of $3,500 each a year in ferry fees.
  • Island homeowners may not bequeath or otherwise pass on their homes to anyone other than spouses and children. If homes are not passed on to spouses or children Islanders cannot chose to whom they will sell their homes. Sales are regulated by the Island Trust, which oversees a public list whereby buyer and seller do not meet.

[Remember, you are responsible for your Rental. Never leave your boat unattended]
  1. Rectory Café, located on Ward’s Island just west of the beach, is moderately upscale and includes a beautiful shaded eating area amongst the trees. A club sandwich costs about $14. Best to park your boat on the south beach of SnakeIsland, or just East of the Algonquin Island bridge
  2. The Island Café is part of the Ward’s Island Community Centre and is just off the path from the Ward’s Island ferry dock with a kayak-friendly small beach just to its east. The veggie dogs, burgers, iced coffee and burritos are recommended and are fairly inexpensive,
  3. Carousel Restaurant is located just beside the Centre Island bridge that leads to the pier. This boasts another kid friendly menu and is about the same price as the Rectory. Kayaks can be pulled up directly beside the eating area.
  4. The Island Paradise Restaurant is beside the Centre Island Ferry Dock includes Shopsy’s Deli. Other Kiosks such as Pizza Pizza are throughout Centreville Amusement area.
  5. The Toronto Island Marina Restaurant is relatively inexpensive and is adjacent to the gas pumps that overlook the City. Best to pull out on the small beach just to the west of the entrance to the gas pump bay.

Clean up the Bay and Save

Renting a Canoe? Come back from your favorite area with 3 bags of garbage, and you'll get your rental at half price! We'll even provide the garbage bags. It feels great, and it is another way that we can work together for a cleaner environment. Interested in other environmental issues that we are concerned about? ...check out the "Our Planet" section of our website.

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